Lunch-break Photography

I like to get out of the office at lunchtime (who doesn’t need a break from the screen by then eh?), and often take my camera with me as I go for a stroll. I’m incredibly lucky in having a few great options within lunch-break distance.

This week was particularly bountiful in terms of wildlife photography with wagtails, a heron and dragonflies in abundance. Plus evidence of otters; their fishy spraint laying around crayfish remains. I think I’ll be getting a blind up before sunrise soon to try and get some pictures of the otters!


These dragonflies were sat around in the midday sunshine, and I’m so pleased with the performance of the Canon 100-400 L IS II – you can practically get macro shots from a fair distance, and they are beautifully sharp.


This wagtail was enjoying a lunchtime bath, and didn’t seem too bothered by me as I crept low and slow for some shots.  Once again the combination of the Canon 100-400 L IS II and my trusty 7D was just awesome.


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